The Enforcers — Limited Edition NFT Collection Celebrating the Hard Men of Football. Part 1

EN 1A — Frank Barson


Barson is often considered to be the original hardman of football. The stories of him are the stuff of movies — from knocking out referees (albeit accidently), to match suspensions and bans, boardroom disputes, negotiating contracts at gun point and connections to the criminal underworld. Barsons reputation is unmatched throughout the history of football! Indeed, it is said that he often had to be escorted out the ground by police to evade angry opposition fans. He later admitted in 1965: “I felt I had a bad game if I was not booed…” However, despite his apparent thirst for on-field violence Barson was one of the best centre-half’s of his time whose commanding presence brought the best out of players. He began his playing career at Barnsley in 1911 and then moved to Aston Villa in 1919 where he won the 1920 FA Cup. In 1922 he transferred to Manchester United where he helped them gain promotion at the end of the 1924–25 season and received a pub as a bonus! However, as Tony Matthews points out in his book, Who’s Who of Aston Villa: “Scores of punters turned up for the official opening. However, after after 15 minutes behind the bar, Barson, utterly fed up, handed the keys over to the head waiter and walked out, never to return.”

He later had spells with Watford before moving briefly into management and coaching. 1 England cap.

The Enforcers Limited Edition Series from Vintage Niftys

Vintage Niftys — The Enforcers Main Pack and Booster Pack

6 vintage renowned hard men of football start the match clean and untouched, looking as if butter wouldn’t melt! But we don’t want them to stay like that do we, no sir! Blend them with headbutts, punches and brutal tackles and get them SENT OFF! Featuring a rich blend path and additional ‘side’ blends there should be enough to keep the players busy and to keep you out of trouble!

The Enforcers is a limited set of collectible NFT’s celebrating some of football’s legendary hardmen. Start with the base player card and blend them with ‘attribute cards’ to create bruised and battered versions of themselves which ultimately leads them to an overnight stay at Her Majesty’s pleasure! That’s right, locked up in a cell for the night! There are 6 base players Frank Barson, Willie Woodburn, Norman Hunter, Ron “Chopper” Harris, Wilf Copping and Tommy Smith, each with their own biography on the B side.

Dropping Saturday 29th January 17:00 UTC

Vintage Niftys, The Enforcers limited edition series is dropping on Neftyblocks on January 29th 17:00UTC.

Whitelist drop for the first 24hrs then open to the hordes after. To qualify for the drop collectors must hold the Vintage Niftys Season Ticket NFT which is included in the Welcome Whitelist Pack (dropped 20th November). Welcome Whitelist Packs can be found here on AtomicHub.

You can follow Vintage Niftys on Twitter:

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Collectible Vintage Football NFTs —

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Vintage Niftys

Vintage Niftys

Collectible Vintage Football NFTs —

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