The Enforcers — Limited Edition NFT Collection Celebrating the Hard Men of Football. Part 2

Player 2 — Willie Woodburn

Vintage Niftys
3 min readJan 21, 2022
EN 2A — Willie Woodburn


Woodburn joined Rangers in 1937 and shortly after the war quickly established himself as the anchor man in the side’s tight-knit defensive formation, known as the ‘Iron Curtain’. A talented footballer whose elegant and precise style juxtaposed his powerful tackling earned him the nickname ‘Big Ben’. Woodburn enjoyed a successful career at Rangers winning the league four times and taking home four Scottish Cup medals. However it was during the latter part of his career that a darker side of his character began to surface which would ultimately lead him to receive a life ban from the game. In 1953 he punched Clyde striker Billy McPhail, for which he incurred a 21-day ban and later the same year he received a six week ban for retaliating after being punched in a match against Stirling Albion. A year later the teams met once again and while playing with a knee injury, Woodburn took exception to a bad foul and subsequently headbutted the offender. After a disciplinary hearing the SFA decided enough was enough and he was suspended indefinitely. Three years later the SFA lifted the ban, but it was too late… Woodburn was 38 and his playing career was over. Woodburn went on to become a successful football journalist. 24 Scotland caps.

The Enforcers Limited Edition Series from Vintage Niftys

Vintage Niftys — The Enforcers Main Pack and Booster Pack

6 vintage renowned hard men of football start the match clean and untouched, looking as if butter wouldn’t melt! But we don’t want them to stay like that do we, no sir! Blend them with headbutts, punches and brutal tackles and get them SENT OFF! Featuring a rich blend path and additional ‘side’ blends there should be enough to keep the players busy and to keep you out of trouble!

The Enforcers is a limited set of collectible NFT’s celebrating some of football’s legendary hardmen. Start with the base player card and blend them with ‘attribute cards’ to create bruised and battered versions of themselves which ultimately leads them to an overnight stay at Her Majesty’s pleasure! That’s right, locked up in a cell for the night! There are 6 base players Frank Barson, Willie Woodburn, Norman Hunter, Ron “Chopper” Harris, Wilf Copping and Tommy Smith, each with their own biography on the B side.

Dropping Saturday 29th January 17:00 UTC

Vintage Niftys, The Enforcers limited edition series is dropping on Neftyblocks on January 29th 17:00UTC.

Whitelist drop for the first 24hrs then open to the hordes after. To qualify for the drop collectors must hold the Vintage Niftys Season Ticket NFT which is included in the Welcome Whitelist Pack (dropped 20th November). Welcome Whitelist Packs can be found here on AtomicHub.

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